Thursday, March 19, 2009

Economic Terrorist Attack - O "Bomb" A

I know your mind must be wandering back to the story a while back about the run on the banks being an economic terrorist attack.  While I still have my suspicions because of the Deep Associations of President O "bomb" A with the Convicted Felon Criminal Soros, we have to MOVE ON to todays news.

Wednesday, while speaking at a Rally in Costa Mesa, CA, President B. Hussein O "bomb" A likened the financial crisis of his large contributors, the banks to a Suicide Bomber.

Given what we now know about Dirty Dodd inserting the payback bonus's back into the SinkUS bill at President B. Hussein  O "bomb" A's request, given the fact that he was second only to Dirty Dodd in contributions from AIG (we can discuss his kickbacks to the other banks at a later date) the question becomes is President O "Bomb" A the Terrorist in Chief or just the Great Satan?

Tune in this evening when he appears on the tonight show where we may get the answer!!

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