Monday, March 9, 2009

A Day Late and Trillions Short -Where is the LOOT?

I was "SHOCKED" and that takes a little to do, shock me but Huffington did it, she shocked me!!!

I am not a fan of Huffington and I don't and won't give her a bit of credit for writing this piece I am only using it to bring it to your attention seems even she is beginning to question WHERE'S THE LOOT?

I think she is a day late and Trillions short to be asking that now especially since she and others never questioned the "LOOT" The Obamageddon
received from the Banks as just a junior senator (detailed in Rahm Room Article and others on this blogspot) or the money as a candidate or even the votes he made that were seen by members of his own party as being for the Banks best interest even before the Election that members of his own party pleaded with him not too.

I was looking around for something else to write about because DEPRESSION, DEPRESSION, DEPRESSION is all I seem to find and eventually all that bad news could drive someone to Depression!

Well unfortunately no go seems Depression is the Soup de Jour because that is where we are headed with the policies of The Obamageddon.   I keep saying repeatedly I would like to know where is the "LOOT"???  I have my suspicions as previously noted (Rainy Day Accounts in Foreign Banks).

I am still infuriated that the media including Huffington do not do justice by reporting a more honest accurate account as to the Destruction of our Financial system caused by the Democrats listed in my article Rahm Room and others I guess they can't handle the truth of The Chosen One being Chosen by the banks.  Be that as it will as it said in the PBS Documentary Inside the Economic Crisis it talks all about the enormity of the problem of Freddie and Fannie and how it Tainted all.  

I believe this to also be a day late and a dollar short but McCain (who over and over again tried to do something about Fannie and Freddie) and Dorgan (I like him he was against Illegal Alien Amnesty and seems to be one of the most upright honest Senators) are now going to Investigate BUT I cannot say better late than never because I believe it is already too late and no thanks to The Obamageddon you notice he has not been doing anything in this regard (Investigating the Crooks/Cooks) seems all that partying at the White House has him just too tired or perhaps he is in no hurry to be investigated himself, no must be the partying come to think of it,  he knows he is above the Law since he has the "LOOT" backing him obviously.  He or someone on his behalf has spent untold millions just hiding who he really is so if they ever do figure out who has our LOOT I guess at least Citizens will know who to try to find and hunt down at least right?

I was just josh in ya!  By then they will have your weapons and they already have the camps set up and they are working on having his Brown Shirts in place in case the military or the police do not fully cooperate too,  so don't go getting any ideas that you will ever have justice that Baloney that you have been spoon fed about no one is above the law is just that BALONEY as case after case of our dirty politicians and white collar criminals go unpunished and our dirty politicians pick and choose which laws they will allow to be followed and which ones they will not the Illegal Immigration Issue was a clear example of that but at least you will know who stole your retirements, your children's and grand children's future if that is of any comfort.

I have to start writing about Survival because as things deteriorate and the roaming hoards of criminals from the Inner Cities are looking for easy prey that will be news you can use.  Is it wrong to hope that the criminal element that voted for him take it out on the useful idiots that voted for him?  Just Jo shin ya again I know it is.


Need more links and details plenty in my other articles!

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