Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beware the Communist News Networks!

You can no longer trust them to give you accurate information.  Think for yourself and investigate everything they tell you.  Here are some examples of why it is important to think for yourself!

Looks like Timmy The Tax-Cheat's buddies at Citigroup and Bank of America are setting themselves up to screw the taxpayers BIG TIME. 

The New York Post ^ | March 25, 2009 | Mark DeCambre - New York Post  

As Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner orchestrated a plan to help the nation's largest banks purge themselves of toxic mortgage assets, Citigroup and Bank of America have been aggressively scooping up those same securities in the secondary market, sources told The Post.

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Yep, Geithner lost all credibility with his answers at the hearing today.

1.When he responded to a GREAT question about banning " Naked Credit Default Swaps"...In a halting voice, he basicly said he wasn't in favor of banning those as opposed to for instance legal hedging by concerned firms who are trying to protect business interests. He showed his colors here...didn't want to piss off his friends Soros, Simmons, et al in the Hedge funds.

2. He  he got a question about what's taking so long to fix the 'crisis' (never let a good crisis go to waste). By ignoring the cause of the crisis he got to mention all his repairs, where all that's really required would be to ban naked shorts, reinstate the uptick rule, go back to the 'lower of cost or market', instead of 'mark-to-market'!!! Geitner is in no hurry to 'fix' the crisis, the agenda items haven't all been accomplished yet (Key agenda item--power to sieze corporations, and a 'Regulation Czar') 


Make sure to click on Citi-Fraud!

Either purposely or incompetently The Resident cut a real bad deal for you the taxpayer already on Citi-fraud. Coincidence?

Top donor to The Residents Inaugeration.  Coincidence?

Look who is movin on up to the Treasury! Coincidence? 

US of Citi-fraud, Coincidence??

Barack’s Wall Street Problem is Now America’s

That Didn't Take Long (Gaming PPIP) 

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