Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Black Hole

Is anyone besides me beginning to realize that the Black Hole has set us UP??

I have shown you over and over again in articles that the Black Hole was bribed/contributed to (is there a difference really?)  by the banks.  

Now the Black Holes, Hole needs to be refilled again and he can feign all the outrage he wants like he did with AIG, makes no difference facts prevail, like the fact that he received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG, or the fact that he was second only to Dirty Dodd in Payoffs from the next black  hole, Freddie Mac!

The Black Holes, Rear Hole Frank, America's "undercover" Financial Watchdog who got a payola of $1 Million dollars in one year and received $40,000 from Freddie, well maybe he was just too overwhelmed with his love connection at Freddie Mac to hear the Black Holes Sucking Sounds. The Budget Deficit has just reached a historic high, $11 TRILLION dollars!  You can bet The Black Hole will be bringing out the Feed to fill up the next Black Hole Freddie Mac, I wonder what the Chinese Don Wen Jiabo will think about that now that the World Bank has just cut China's output growth??

I have another SHAM I want to bring to your attention.  If you haven't already heard CITI-fraud payed out $10.8 Million to its Chief Executive at a time when they were SUCKING you dry to the tune of  $45 Billion!  Either purposely or incompetently The Black Hole cut a real bad deal for you the taxpayer already on Citi-fraud.  Coincidence?  Look who is movin on up to the Treasury!  Coincidence?  Citi-fraud top donor to The Black Holes Inaugeration.  US of Citi-fraud, Coincidence??

After the discovery of all the complicity of The Black Hole and his administration maybe he will keep his mouth shut about Citi-fraud, unless YOU show real outrage at the coming Black Holes. Do it, show him not everyone in America has an Acorn mentality,  call a Spade a Spade!


Well then again with The Black Hole in charge of the Black Hole I guess it is!