Thursday, March 12, 2009



There will be no bargains in this column,  this is a Dire Warning of the Doom we will soon be facing.  It will not be as simple as lowering your standard of living a bit, growing a Victory Garden (they are discussing that in HELL right now) and waiting for Prosperity to return.  Not this time America, you signed a Pact with the Devil and his Disciples.

Beware, what little you have left and some Demons come to Rob you, have you seen the Anti-Christs Gun Ban list.  Have you heard the Chinese want "Reassurance"?

If you watched the Doom video above you now realize the consequences that will befall us all soon.   Will the Demons be wittingly or unwittingly released when the Collapse occurs?

Turbulence is being sparked all over the Globe.  The Deceivers, well versed in Lies and manipulation do their best to keep you unaware.  As the Collapse unfolds, do not expect to garner much sympathy from the Anti-Christs Global Admirers.  What is seemingly good news the last few days is in reality Deception.  Will the troops be Chinese?  

In the end it matters not if it is Biblical Prophesy,  (Deuteronomy   28 v.43- The Alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower), or Self Fulfilling Deeds does it?  Remember you were warned here on Friday the 13th!



george pa said...

wow. is this some kind of joke? A liberal pretending to be a conservative, trying to make us all look like complete assholes and lunatics in the process?

I see your rantings on all the time and had to click on your blog link. After reading through your posts I must say that you are not a conservative at all, just a loon that gives us a bad name. You have a lot of unresolved issues. Get help.

Lori said...

Well george if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen. Others don't view it the way you do take...

Great piece Lori...Nicely done. Keep on trucking.
Great piece Lori...

Nicely done. Keep on trucking.
Tom Blom