Friday, March 20, 2009

Bernanke Puts Gun In Mouth - Blows Off Your Head

The Market Ticker guy, Karl Denninger just wrote an article titled "Bernanke Sticks Gun In His Mouth".  Well after reading it over I came to the conclusion with the action being taken by Bernanke when he pulls the trigger it is your head that gets blown off!

I think after you read it, if you understand it you will come to the same conclusion.

As the Market Ticker guy, Karl Denninger also said "Actions Have Consequences".   If you read the article he is referring to China and other emerging nations backing talks with Russia on how to replace the dollar as the Worlds Primary Reserve Currency, he then further explains how that would be the end of Uncle Sam.

With The Fool On The Hill surrounding himself with incompetents and criminals who do not pay taxes, running off to do Rallies, The Tonight Show and the little time he does spend at the White House being used to tackle pressing issues like picking Basketball teams, I would not be filled with Hope for anything but Change for the Worse!

Did you notice the drop in the stock market today? Well actions have consequences.  Did you notice the Gold prices rising?  Did you hear the talk of Hyperinflation?  Do you realize in the Public/Private risk of the Toxic Fund Bailouts they are sticking it right to you and when you turn around to defend yourself The Fool On The Hill stabs you again to make sure you are dead?

I guess if you never have to work very hard and are somehow given the powers to almost magically achieve wealth, it somehow seems like no big deal to stick to the people who own small fast food places who do work their azzes off.  If Karl Denninger is wrong and you don't get your head blown off The Fool On The Hill will make sure you die from working your azz off to support all his projects anyway.


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