Thursday, February 26, 2009

Those Storm Clouds Look Awfully Close

How much do you know about the Council Of Foreign Relations?

I found this article on "Reshaping the World Order". Well like I told you in the Obamageddon Is Upon Us post every single day I find articles about the call for the New World Order, Kissinger, As Henry Kissinger recently put it, when he was celebrating U.S.-China relations on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Obama’s mission is to usher in a “New World Order.”

He forgot to mention, of course, like Karl Denninger points out "To put that in perspective this is somewhere in the neighborhood of the entirety of the FX reserves of China and Japan, plus a few other nations (depending on how far "over" we wind up.)

I thought I read somewhere that China and Japan, however, were having their own recessions (or worse.) Has anyone in this country thought about the possibility that these nations might need their reserves for their own people?"

Apparently not. Brezinsky, Merkel, Brown, every single day someone is screaming for a New World Order!

Look at the players, read some of the goals and ask yourself why they have so much influence over our politics? I decided to do an on site search and lo and behold. After all BO is not the president of the World is he?

The CIA has now added the Economy to the Threat Updates. Geithner had "SPOOK" ties hmmm. The longest serving Democratic Senator says bo is in a power grab. Of course he will just be dismissed as a racist (partially because he probably is but remember many will be deceived!) The Market Ticker Guy all but comes right out and says the Sky IS falling. Did you realize more cowbell is on the way for the banks? That sent the Treasuries down again. Maybe The New World Order is just around the corner you take a sharp left and you will find it, it will resemble a cesspool.



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