Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Picture King of Queens

US STOCKS-Wall St drops on misgivings about Obama speech.
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Market Update Wednesday 2/25 mid-day (stocks fall)Source: Todays Markets Yahoo FinanceURL Source: Feb 25, 2009

I don't get out much these days not because I had a couple back surgeries and have alot of pain, nope your supposed to keep going or you will deteriorate further so I do keep going that is I just keep going around here out in the Boonie's where we moved to try and insulate ourselves a bit from the crime of all the Illegal Aliens and hood rats that the bo administration is sending money to the cops in Minnesota for and believe me when I tell you the people in Minnesota already pay thru the nose it's just that the taxes are always being used for bloodsuckers instead of their stated purpose.

I bet your thinking she's Depressed because of bo now there could be some truth to that but more likely we're trying to save a few bucks for retirement and it's difficult with bo and the LOONEY'S always spreading our wealth around.

Let me tell you something if you think it's just wealthy wall street crooks who are taking a beating think again! My husband works Commercial Construction (picture a slightly older King of Queens only Doug works construction lol those were his words not mine) and I thank the Lord that he is still working so many have been laid off, contracts were put on hold or even cancelled when people began to think he would be president, so in that regard we are most fortunate but we are getting older and soon he will be retiring (maybe if we have anything left) and maybe if there is enough work left just to get him through another year!

Here is the point we had a small account, all the guys have them I'm not talking about his pension plan this is a plan to have a little rainy day fund, cash you can take out the day you retire. It had a little over $18,000 in it, chump change to the LOONEY'S apparently since it was in what was supposed to be the "low" risk category and still it just lost over $3,100! Need I say more? Lori

p.s. "What Obama Means To Me" Website --Go on over and let them see your creative side. Have fun posting!Source: The Web (of deceit)URL Source: Wow this is cool they don't send any confirmation e-mails so up to you looks like you could say what you wanted without even being identified to me. I would advise you though to use good taste and stay out of prison but other than that HAVE FUN!--Looks like Obama is getting the hell beat out of him in there! Enjoy!

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