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Obamageddon Is Upon US

When you were young did you ever hear your parents or grandparents talking about what Khruschev said sometime during the 1950s Nikita Khrushchev stated the United States would be destroyed from within.Took a little time, but the little Commie knew what they were putting in place. The Prix may have no designs that way, it just works out that way. Every time!!! They empower the Fascist, he has the design.
And you're going to have to understand that about this party. This is not the party of Hubert Humphrey anymore. This is not the party of Zell Miller anymore. This is the party of Gun Control, Health Control, Smoking Control. This is a socialist party filled with radical socialists. Leftists must first destroy Western Civilization before they can implement their favored dystopia.

Illuminati or whatever is nothing but Socialists/Marxists/Communists, doesn't matter the label since in the end they are all forms of Totalitarian CONTROL! Remember many will be deceived. This isn't conspiracy theory any longer. Obama and his handlers are as real as it gets. We’re in the midst of a coup and a tiny few realize it, so tiny is that few that I am fearful for our republic. History supports my pessimism.

It's hard to overlook that Obama switched from hope to gloom and doom almost when he was sworn in. He can't make a sentence without "crisis to catastrophe" so it begins to look like he is pushing "fear itself. "And a large middle class, the size of which, and the wealth of which, no nation on the planet Earth has ever in history seen, has got to be destroyed. And they're in the process of destroying you RIGHT NOW.""

Comrade BOsky and the BOskicrats need to destroy the private sector and then make the body politic increasingly/totally dependent upon the State. They can achieve this by “nationalizing” industries one by one, banking, health care, communications. When the backlash occurs, they might need to build a network of re-education camps and begin extracting malcontents from “civil society” as part of the process. (Think of it as the Gulag for Americans or anyone else who won't go with the plan). Don’t ASSUME anything is impossible and don’t ASSUME that anything that sounds far-fetched is not true! MURDOCH WARNS: NATIONS WILL BE REDEFINED, FUTURES ALTERED Tue Feb 24 2009 08:36:39 ET

Question: Is he reporting it, or helping to make it happen? Our country will be changed into a “third” world country where some animals will be more equal than others. Is it a test if the results are Pre-determined? Funny? Over at the Dummies Underground.

1. Obama's economic team is only worried about keeping the bank execs employed 2. I had heard that when FDR closed the banks and were supposed to determine which ones were sound that they simply asked the banks and took their word for it, making it appear like there had been an actual government study. Here's some hints Sherlock!

Now It's Official: Stress Test Results Pre-Determined http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2009/02/now-its-official-stress-test-results.html
Federal banking regulators to roll out revamped capital injection program Wednesday URL Source: http://www.libertypost.org/cgi-bin/postarticle.cgi
And here's a Colossal Hint from your own site! Obama's Money Cartel.

My question is how can anyone consider anything too far fetched? Anyone who looks around at the current situation can just imagine it is January one 2008 and try to see what would have been the reaction if you had predicted all this. Ninety plus percent of the people would most likely have considered you stark raving mad. Your only chance for a sympathetic hearing would be from people who were known for being kooks.Elimination of private capital is moving along on schedule. Bernanke: economy suffering 'severe contraction' And what the hell does THAT mean?
It means, THE END IS NEAR!

Maxine Waters said it best..
We will just have to socialize all yo’ asses, whether you like it or not
Bringing the mess that is "the hood" to all America.
They will not rest until ALL OF US are.....
.....Going to government run health clinics
.....Eating government food
.....Living in government housing
.....Taking public transportation
.....Allowing our children to be brainwashed
.....Allowing ourselves to be euthanized at the agreed upon age

If you are thinking to yourself What I don’t understand though is why do the masses want Socialism / Communism. I can see some maniacal “leader” who wants to rule the world. But why does the press, the cultural elite (who have profited from capitalism) and the masses want to be under government control?

When you look at those entities in most support of Maobama, they have everything to gain from socialism/communism. The press is getting killed by the capitalistic Internet. Newspapers are getting ripped for ad dollars from blogs and insta-news services like Drudge. Broadcast/nightly news is getting ripped from cable news and syndicated competition from shows like Dr. Phil and Entertainment Tonight. CNN and MSNBC are in a cage-match to win the same audience.

But it is the Internet that is killing all mainstream news outlets. News delivery isn't what it used to be and there are some many other faster, more accurate, less opinion-dominated forums for news delivery. They need a way to stop the Internet and make themselves profitable and successful again - what better way than increased government access, funding, and exclusivity.

The cultural elite hold the investment advantages in a socialist/communist government. They have the inside track to the info, data, and contacts. There is decreased competition from the middle-class and less threat of sudden wealth surges (think tech bubble) that jeopardize their positions in society and power.

“We may well wonder which of these two closely linked phenomena is predominant: whether it is redistribution or centralization. We may ask ourselves whether what we are dealing with is not a political event more than a social phenomenon. This political phenomenon consists in the demolition of the class enjoying ‘independent means’ and in the massing of means in the hands of managers. This results in a transfer of power from individuals to officials, who tend to constitute a new ruling class as against that which is being destroyed. And there is a faint but quite perceptible trend toward immunity for this new class from some part of the fiscal measures directed at the former. [my emphasis]”The Ethics of Redistribution, Bertrand de Jouvenal, 1952

It's not just America they're after; it's the world. The New World Order is Old World Socialism in drag, a free and empowered people stand in the way. We must be destroyed for them to have world power. America ruined two world wars for the wannabee dictators, this time America will be taken out first. That's why they need to control America, so no one stands in their way of global control.

Each and every day now I read news from around the world all with common themes...New World Order. What people fail to understand is that change isn't always what it's cracked up to be and instead of hope for the future they will now be sharing the misery we only used to read about in third world countries. Later....Lori

New world order in banking necessary after abject failure of present model
Spain, the G20, and the Need for Reform of Global Governance Systems
AIG Seeks More US Funds As Record Loss LoomsSource: CNBCURL Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/29353282
The Capitalist Threat ( George Soros speaks)
Maxine Waters
Dummies Underground
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Obama's economic team is only worried about keeping the bank execs employed
Feb-22-09 10:54 PM
I had heard that when FDR closed the banks and were supposed to determine
Utube link to Obama’s crisis:
"The Capitalist Threat" by George SorosAtlantic Monthly, Volume 279, No. 2, February 1997
Folks, read the first paragraph real carefully. And here you thought Henry Kissinger had been put out to pasture. He is an NWO minion. That he is very much involved in the Obama Administration should surprise no one.
http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/RemarksByNationalSecurityAdviserJonesAt45thMunichConferenceOnSecurityPolicy/ Monday, February 9th, 2009 at 12:00 amRemarks By National Security Adviser Jones At 45th Munich Conference On Security PolicyTHE WHITE HOUSE

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