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Mao bama

You really can Rope some Dopes with HOPE!

oh and...


like the Change the Mao bama regime is bringing to our Republic. I have 2 articles today that are must reads and and I hope you share this information with everyone, I don't care if you share my blog it's the information I want people to know.

Be Prepared To Learn Chinese!


Really appropriate don't you think "Ka- Ching" in the following the money sort of way? Remember I told you in another piece Clinton was in China begging them to buy our debt? I told you the Chinese said they hated us and I told you they are having problems in their own country. A lot of people are saying this is not true, who knows what is truth anymore you have to sue our own government and no one still has found out where all the money went so my question would be how do they know? The Chinese government isn't filled with LOONEY Leftists forcing them to give undeserved, uncollaterized loans now are they are? Would you give Money For Nothing?


I don't know if the average person gets it or not but we are BROKE! The Chinese get it and like I told you in the post It's Howdy Gulgag time you should be worried, very worried! I'm sorry to rain on your parade if you haven't figured this out yet but America has been SOLD OUT and I mean that figuratively read this and remember what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words!

Can he do this? Can he use our property for his pork payoffs? From Newsweek... When Clinton said on her trip, "I appreciate greatly the Chinese government's continuing confidence in United States Treasuries," she validated China's strategy of buying U.S. debt as a way to restrain America's freedom of movement

Even the Socialists are whining about Mao bama! He Roped a lot of DOPES with Hope it seems and now the rest of us will pay the price. UPDATE....

Bloomberg Business News reports that China was seeking "guarantees" for its US Government debt -- . As Bloomberg reports:"China’s loss of more than $5 billion from investing $10.5 billion of its reserves in New York-based Blackstone Group LP, Morgan Stanley and TPG Inc. since mid-2007 may increase its demand for the relative safety of Treasuries." said Zhang Ming, secretary general of the international finance research center at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing."The government will be a net buyer of Treasuries in the short term because there’s no sign they have changed their strategy.

"So, in the negotiations, China made it clear they were shaky about the deal and they wanted guarantees. Those guarantees would come in the form of Treasuries -- bonds.So, China will hold a lot of American bonds.While in China, Hillary Clinton went on Chinese television and urged China to keep buying U.S. treasury bonds. "It's a good investment, it's a safe investment.""Our economies are so intertwined. The Chinese know that in order to start exporting again to its biggest market, the United States has to take some drastic measures with the stimulus package. We have to incur more debt. The Chinese recognize our interconnection"The Chinese are following a strategy to move very aggressively into acquiring natural resource assets all over the world to fuel China's continued growth. Alan Tonelson, a research fellow with the U.S. Business and Industry Council, told reporters in 2005. "It's all part of a Chinese campaign to move, again, very aggressively into the American economy."

So, the question becomes -- what is our exposure?Buried way, way down in the US - China agreement there is a standard bond agreement that contains language giving whomever or whatever access to the eminent domain process?And, what about this vote? -- the U. S. House of Representatives' voted on a motion offered by Foxx (R - VA, NC) that would prevent funds in the Omnibus Appropriations Act from being used to exercise the power of eminent domain.H.R. 1105 — Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009, February 24, 2009, Managers: McGovern / Session"To make in order and provide the appropriate waivers for amendment #6, offered by Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA), which would prevent funds in the bill from being used to exercise the power of eminent domain to take private property from a private entity and give that property to another private entity, while exempting certain enumerated uses, such as highways, prisons, public utilities, and in cases of national emergencies or national disasters declared by the President."The motion was defeated 4 to 7.

I also have a few articles below you should be informed about. Lori
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