Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's howdy "Gulag" Time, It's howdy "Gulag" Time

I know many have seen the story about bo's new Heinrich Himmler , Charles Freeman but do you realize what Freeman said?

Such folk, whether they represent a veterans' "Bonus Army" or a "student uprising" on behalf of "the goddess of democracy" should expect to be displaced with despatch from the ground they occupy.

I cannot conceive of any American government behaving with the ill-conceived restraint that the Zhao Ziyang administration did in China, allowing students to occupy zones that are the equivalent of the Washington National Mall and Times Square, combined. while shutting down much of the Chinese government's normal operations.

You should be worried very worried. Even the LOONEY icon Krugman thinks things are amiss with the economic plans of this shady chi town hustler! The Market Ticker guy said something I have been saying all along and I found a source to back him up....

IF the world will let us borrow that much from them and IF we do not garner ourselves a sovereign downgrade as a consequence of this gambit - a bet I'm not so sure I'd be willing to take.

To put that in perspective this is somewhere in the neighborhood of the entirety of the FX reserves of China and Japan, plus a few other nations (depending on how far "over" we wind up.)

I thought I read somewhere that China and Japan, however, were having their own recessions (or worse.) Has anyone in this country thought about the possibility that these nations might need their reserves for their own people?

Every time I bring it up the nay Sayers counter with china's screwed, glued and tatto'd right along with us if they don't buy our debt. So beware I don't know where America's Tienanmen square will take place but I have no comfort in thinking that bo's Himmler wouldn't hesitate to use even more deadly force to protect "big brother's" new world economics interests.


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