Monday, February 23, 2009

Socialism: A great idea 'til you run out of other people's money.

I am seeing RED and I think you will be too when you watch the latest video, this was great so many of the anchors allow them to rattle off without challenging them but not him.....BRAVO, when I was a kid they used to say "Better Dead Than Red". What are these people doing to America? Have they no shame what so ever? Where do they get off thinking everyone else owes them?

Did the government (us) send you a check when you had tough times or someone in your family was laid off? And then the NERVE you've already heard no jobs or money for "White" workers. If you are thinking this is backdoor reparation's think again those are coming in the front door on top of all this! Who is going to rescue the rest of us, have you seen this? Fannie Mae Rescue Hindered as Asians Seek Guarantee this is the same nonsense that got us into this mess, forcing the banks to give loans to unsound people and whether it was a created crisis or not the Worlds Economies are falling like Domino's. We should all be speaking out or SCREAMING even at people like this and this who are sucking you dry. What about the law we don't let people off for smoking a joint or having crack (unless of course they are groomed to grow up to be president) yet these people who committed felonies by lying on mortgage applications walk free expecting you to pick up the tab.

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