Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dracubama's boyZ are back again to suck your blood!

Mortgage Giant Fannie Mae Seeks $15.2


BILLION in Government Aid.

Organ music (use your imagination) as I set the scene. It's eerie, it is as if Dracubama is calling them home. Here they come again his boyz his Army of Bloodsuckers!

You know how that Vampire thing works right? Someone like Dracubama and his Legions sucks the BLOOD out of an entity.

That entity turns into a Vampire itself and begins Sucking the Blood of another and so it goes adding to the Legions of Doom hiding until the time is right. Dracubama and his boyz who Sucked the Blood of Fannie/Freddie Mac turning the entity into a Legion of Doom all it's own unleashing Vampires around the world are back again to Suck YOUR blood. They will keep Draining until there is nothing left but a Legion of Doom!

The Dracubama posing as president wants your blood!!!!


This just in (thanks Ron) Stop the Bailouts!

Remember the goal of Socialism is Communism....Vladimir Lenin


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